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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” – Anatole France

Share memories of your beloved pets

We created this page for our clients to share their memories about pets they have lost. If you would like us to post your story, you can email us at switzanimalhospital@gmail.com. You are welcome to include a photograph as well.

pet memories

In Memory of Suni 11-10-06 to 6-1-13


First we want to thank you all for your effort, support and sympathy during our difficult time.  Dr. B. and the entire staff, your team had the perfect balance of professionalism and compassion. It helped to ease our minds knowing that we were doing all we could for Suni.

We appreciate you keeping us educated through the week while keeping our hopes and expectations in check. Although we wanted more than anything for our Suni to get his miracle, we know you did everything in your power to help him and keep him comfortable.

On 5/31 when we picked him up to take him to the ER vet, we spent a few priceless hours with him at home. We knew he was growing weaker and our time together most likely limited. He had no strength left to even walk and his breathing was becoming more labored.

Dave was taking Suni’s sisters, Ginger, a Brittany Spaniel and Harley, a Lab/Pit mix for their walk that night before heading to the ER vet.  I was holding Suni in my arms while trying to feed him as he intently watched the girls get their leashes on. Dave turned to him and said he would give anything for him to be able to go on that walk too and would carry him on his back if he could.

As Dave and the girls left, I looked at Suni and knew I had to find a way to take him on that walk. Carrying him in his condition wouldn’t have been comfortable for him or I.  I ran to the garage and scanned for anything I could use and there was my answer…a lawn fertilizer spreader looking more like a stroller at that moment. I covered the spreader with a towel and then added his little dog bed inside it.  With Suni so weak I wrapped him up and placed him on his bed.

It was dark outside and Dave and the girls were way ahead of us. As we exited the house to my surprise Suni sat upright and grew alert with his usual smile on his face. It was as if he was saying to me “Catch them Mama!” So I started to walk faster almost jogging with him in that make shift stroller as he looked for his Dad and sisters with eagerness!

When we caught up to them I could see some relief and joy in Dave’s face to see his Suni boy alert and happy to be on what would turn out to be our last family walk together. We are convinced Suni loved riding like royalty with his loyal subjects walking by his side.  In those precious moments all was right with our world. I only wish I would have taken a photo for everyone to see but the memory will stay with Dave and I forever.

Long story short, we have that memory to hang on to because of your efforts that week so thank you for giving us that extra time with Suni. I set up a memorial page for Suni online not knowing about yours until we got your card. Thank you so much for your condolences.  I wrote a poem for Suni to express my grief for losing him so soon and my love for such a special dog that can never be replaced.

Oh our little Suni boy,
we miss your bright eyes
You brought such joy,
into each of our lives.

I know you saw the tears
and tried your best to stay.
We faced our worse fears
with our good-byes that day.

Did Shadow ask about me
when he met you up there?
Are you both romping pain-free,
Enjoying treats without a care?

You will be missed my friend
along with your sweet smile.
Someday we shall meet again
and play fetch for a long while.

Thank you again!
Dave and Anita


 Here are a few of the pets I have loved and lost over the years, by no means all of them.  They were all rescued in some fashion. From left to right: Simba, Cliffie & Wally (brothers), Pupper, Mommadog, and Leroy. My life is better for having them in it!  Lana

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