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Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients are saying about our excellent pet care


Just wanted to show my continual thanks to Dr. Bredehoeft and his staff for all the services they provide. He is the best small animal vet I have met! He is ALWAYS helpful and nice & solves the issue ASAP. He always takes my calls or calls me back as soon as he can. He has even called me from his cell.
He is extremely intelligent & intuitive regarding all issues with my dogs. If it says anything I live 45 minutes from him & I make the effort to bring my 3 dogs there and have for years….and will as long as he is there. What a great guy!!

His staff is always warm and friendly. Lana loves dogs so much and she is just wonderful to mine. She is so outgoing and friendly. The techs are always nice and listen intently. My dogs love everyone too.

I just appreciate this place so much and can’t thank you all enough. Thank you for keeping your prices in line and showing concern in this regard for your patrons. The fact that Dr. B can diagnose so accurately in and of itself saves you money! Don’t ever change!!!

Carol Thomerson

It’s difficult for me to write about my dog’s death still, but I needed to take a moment to thank everyone there for their kindness during my trip there and subsequent visit to put Phoebe to sleep. I received flowers followed by a card and even my return trip to pick up her ashes was met with genuine concern for my well being. A grown man crying his eyes out must be uncomfortable at best but your entire staff was comforting and I really want everyone there to know how much I appreciate them.
Thank you all so much for doing all you could for Phoebe over the past year.

John Wolfe

Hello, my name is Abigail, “Abby”. I am a nine-pound, eleven-year-old Rat Terrier. Here is my incredible journey with Dr. B and my friends at Switzerland.

Routinely, I wake up every day feeling great and go outside with my brother and sister to take care of business. However, on a recent Monday morning, I woke up and felt horrible, disoriented and could not think straight. I felt very weak and clumsy. Soon after getting outside, I collapsed. All I knew was I wanted Dr. B. Fortunately, my parents are very intuitive to my thoughts and rushed me to him.

Dr. B. informed my parents that I was very sick. I have diabetes and my blood sugar was really, really high. On top of that, I have Cushing’s disease which also messes with my diabetes. Finally, Dr. B said I also had a mass on my liver. Dr. B and the wonderful staff at Switzerland were very worried about me and explained to my parents that I was in “crisis”. But the wonderful thing about Dr. B was that he didn’t care about my age or how sick I was. He knew I still had a lot of fight in me so he immediately gave my parents several options for my treatment and care. Then Dr. B got hard to work to get me out of “crisis”.

For the next 3 weeks I had to spend every day with my friends at Switzerland. They gave me special medical care, treated me like a princess, and adored me with lots and lots of love and attention. Thankfully, each evening I was allowed to go home and spend time recouping with my family. Each morning I would wake up excited about who would be there to take care of me at Switzerland. It really didn’t matter though; between Katie (both of them), Melissa, Starr, Danika, Ryan, or Lana; I knew I would receive the best care plus, lots and lots of love. Even Dr. Skye helped to make sure I would totally recover and gave me special treats that I will never forget.

I hope I didn’t forget any friend’s names because everyone treated me like a queen! Lana became my extra special friend. Every morning I would hope she would be there. She makes my tail wag the most!

Dr. B (which I have heard my parents call the Miracle Doctor) was able to get all of my “ouchies” under control. I feel great now, but I really miss spending my days with my friends at Switzerland. I still stand by the garage door each morning hoping I will get to go to visit them. Dr. B and my Switzerland friends saved my life.

I hope any parent reading this finds comfort in my story.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Switzerland Animal Hospital. I had a kitty who was very ill. I called after business hours and asked to be seen on an emergency basis. Several members of the staff agreed to stay untill I arrived. When I got their I was greeted with great sympathy and concern from the moment I arrived. My cat was very unwell, I was given my options and I decided it was best to put my buddy to sleep. I was naturally upset. I was comforted by both the doctor and the staff. I left feeling that my experience was sincere and kind. About a week later I arrived home to find flowers and a hand written card of condolences from everyone in the hospital. I had been treated very poorly at another animal clinic, and I was very impressed with the treatment I received from Switzerland,start to finish. While it may not be the cheapest animal hospital around, it’s worth the extra few dollars to be treated like a human being. Lovely Place! – Miss A.

Before moving to the area in 2004, we asked several local vets to let us visit their facilities to meet with them so we could then make an informed decision about which vet would provide care for our two Imperial Shih Tzu pups. Dr Bredehoeft alone spent time with us, and on that basis, he and his staff are our providers of choice.
Over time, Switzerland Animal Hospital has exceeded our expectations for professional care. More than that however, every staff member knows my pups by name, holds and pets them, and demonstrates clear affection for Mai Ling and Candy. We see other animals get the same personal touch. Our pups are family, and in our opinion, that is exactly how they are treated at Switzerland Animal Hospital. – Wayne

As canines of refined tastes and a certain joie de vivre we’ve come to appreciate the finer things in life.
Here’s our list of top five reasons to tail wag:

1) accidentally dropped dinner scraps
2) a car ride with the windows down
3) a juicy, juicy bone
4) a rousing game of fetch
5) a visit to Dr. Bredehoeft’s office!

Very Sincerely,
Chloe and Baz

We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you provided to our little Lily in early January. Her unexpected need for surgery and the depth of the procedure necessary to repair her “insides” was heart wrenching and the fact that we could have lost her is scary – but with your skill and knowledge of what needed to be done to help her, she made it through and is now back to her spunky, happy self!
We also want to thank your wonderful staff for the medical and support care they provided. It was difficult for us not being able to see her and hold her and reassure her, but we feel sure your staff did that for us and Lily loves them for the gentle care and genuine concern.
Lilly is a part of our family, and we are glad she received the quality of medical care you all provided so that she could return to her family and resume her happy and hopefully long life with us!

With our most sincere thanks and appreciation –

Julio, Georgette, and Caroline R.

My name is Debbie Easterling and I have two chihuahuas named Rosie and Roscoe. Dr. B has been the doctor for them since I have had them which has been 4 years. But before that I went through the loss of my beloved Missy which I had had for 15 years and Dr. B and his staff was more than a vet and staff for me through that time in my life. He was a friend and the staff was there for me during this difficult time. Now that I have the other two they all have been there for me . They are actually on my speed dial with my Rosie and Dr. B has already seen me through some tough times with that little one. I would recommend this clinic to anyone that would require their pets to have compassion and for you to be treated with compassion as well. Also, they all can be fun as well. They all have shown me some good times to.

Debbie E

Dr. Bredehoeft and his caring, professional, staff have been taking care of our family pets for over 8 years now. They have helped us maintain the health and care for a total of three dogs and one cat. (Our latest being a 9-month old English Springer Spaniel and the cat is still going strong”age not known”). Dr. B. has helped us through two very difficult end-of-life scenarios with our Labradors. In the first scenario, our Yellow Lab had lived a full, healthy and happy life. The end of course, is always difficult though. In the second and most recent scenario, Dr. B. demonstrated through his compassion and behavior, the traits everyone would want from their Veterinarian and friend. Yes, Dr. B. is more than just a business man. Our most recent Yellow Lab, suffered what was later determined to be a fatal sting or possible bite. We rushed her to the Emergency Vet on the evening of April 7th and by the early morning of April 8th, she died right before me. Dr. B., was there for us when we needed help coping, understanding and finding out what happened. The Emergency Vet told me that only the University of Florida would likely be willing and capable of determining for us what had happened to our beautiful and healthy, 5 year old Lab, less than 24 hours ago. However, we called Dr. B., and he said, “bring me the dog, I would be happy to help you find a peace of mind or do the best I can”. Dr. B. helped our family so much in the days following that horrible episode. We will be forever grateful and life-long customers, even if it is a 30 minute drive and we pass several other Animal Care Facilities on the way.

Sean M

Can you imagine what it would be like if our pets could tell us what they think about the veterinarian we have chosen? In my case, they did just that!

We moved to Fruit Cove in 2000 and used a veterinarian known and recommended by our pets’ doctor in Alabama. And although the quality of care appeared to be good, my dogs never seemed to be happy and often returned from boarding sick. Our new friends and neighbors recommended Dr. B and Switzerland Animal Hospital. One day I decided to just drop by without dogs to meet and interview the doctor. Unfortunately, it was Dr. B’s day off, but the receptionist graciously gave me a tour of the clinic and made an appointment for my then injured dog. When I finally did meet Dr. B, I knew this was the place for us.

Not only have we received exceptional care at a reasonable cost, but my dogs (two that are in doggie heaven and the two we have now), are consistently happy about coming to the hospital. Every staff member is a friend according to my dogs, who bound through the doors with tails wagging and tongues flying.

I learned a valuable lesson in 2000; our pets really can tell us what they think. It’s our job to be smart enough to figure out exactly what they are trying to tell us.

Carol Neece – St. Johns, FL

“The pets in our family have been clients of Dr. B’s for over 7 years. Whether introducing a new pet to the family, or painfully parting with an older one, Dr. B and his staff have provided not only top level medical care but that all important, and often forgotten, element of true caring. I highly recommend this clinic, its doctors and staff for your pets medical needs.”

Mary T

Switzerland Animal Hospital has provided quality health care for my pets since 1995.

Earl Leach

Thank you for taking care of our kitty Marston’s eye on Halloween.  Having recently relocated back to FL, setting up kitty care takes precedence over OUR healthcare.  We have used a mobile vet for many years & it’s not easy to take a kitty to a clinic, as they are so sensitive. But your facility is very comfortable, the staff is truly friendly, helpful, and caring, and as we are “cat people,” it’s wunderbar to find a veterinarian such as Dr. B and all the staff who obviously understands the health of our cats.  Ein herzliches DankeschAjn!

Ron & Sheryl G., Ruska, Marston, and Dunkel – many meows!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your care of our dog, Mason.  As you know, he had spine surgery last night performed by a veterinary neurologist in Orange Park.  Mason had a severly ruptured disc compressing his spinal cord and it turns out that it was critical that Mason have the surgery as soon as possible.

We brought Mason to your practice the day before yesterday and you saw him without an appointment.  You quickly diagnosed a spine condition.  You cared enough to call the next day to check on Mason’s condition and I reported to you that I thought he was doing progressively worse.  You immediately recommended that Mason be seen by a neurologist.  You immediately contacted the neurologist to advise him of Mason’s situation and that we would be calling to get him in for an evaluation.  The neurologist had an MRI done on Mason and then recommended that Mason immediately have surgery.  We agreed and Mason had the surgery last night.  The neurologist is pleased with the surgery and Mason is recovering.

Had it not been for your skill and caring I know things would have turned out very poorly for Mason, and as a result, our family.  Thank you to you and your staff for your excellent care of Mason.


Steven W.

We cannot thank Dr. B and his staff enough for saving our dog, Gizmo.  My kids, still clad in their pajamas, and I rushed our dog to Switzerland Animal Hospital early one morning.  He was bleeding out, having trouble breathing and was unresponsive.  We were met in the parking lot and tearfully handed over a critically ill Gizmo.  I still cry today thinking about how scared we all were.  In addition to caring for our dog, the staff cared for us as well.  We were taken in the back so my extremely upset kids didn’t have to wait in the main waiting room.  Dr. B was very honest with me about Gizmo’s chances and we left, knowing we might not see our puppy alive again, but also knowing he was in the best possible hands.

Two weeks later, Gizmo is now fully recovered.  What Dr. B and his staff did to save his life was nothing short of a miracle.  We are grateful for their knowledge and their compassion.

Thank you!

Melanie E.